Our Story

t all began when Malobika was laid off during COVID-19. She started exploring her creative side and found her ultimate love- baking cookies and it was this love that brought Ovenly Baked to life. Ovenly Baked popped out fresh from the oven to be your late-night snack, Monday motivation, binge watching partner, after meal sweet cravings and so much more.

The master baker spent 3 months in testing and perfecting these cookies. Almost 100 cookies were gulped to get to the right sweetness and perfect texture.
Ovenly Baked cookies are not just tasty, but big enough to fill your belly. These sweet explosions are homemade with love, lots of butter and are 100% eggless.

We won’t be sorry if you get high on the goeyness of our cookies!

From the very first bite
Into the chocolaty, buttery, lavalicious cookies
Swamped with flavours of indulgence
Sprinkled with chips of pure joy
Experience an explosion of sweetness in your mouth
It’s Ovenly Baked, it’s heavenly delicious

Let the cookie melt your heart
Crumble all your sadness
Spoil you with its goey goodness
Beware, this is the sweetest sin you’ll ever commit
Even the devil will envy you, because
It’s Ovenly Baked, it’s heavenly delicious